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Woodsy Engagement Shoot: Part 1 / 2

Since getting engaged in December, Joey and I have talked about getting our engagement photos done even though we probably won't be able to afford a wedding for a few years (lol, student life heyyy). We're both originally from the Toronto and Ottawa area so clearly, getting photos done during our time in California seemed WAY more ideal scenery-wise. After doing extensive research about costs, locations, and reading countless wedding blogs and reviews of photographers, initially I found a Groupon for an engagement photographer online and we thought hey, if it doesn't work out at least it was cheap! So that actually fell through when she didn't honour the Groupon price, but it was to our extreme benefit because that night while scrolling through IG, I came across some photos by Ellie of Ellie Koleen Photography on instagram of a boho wedding she shot and immediately knew she was *the one.*

We got in touch with Ellie and, unlike the other photographer we originally touched base with, Ellie answered right away and wanted to get to know exactly what we were looking for. She was so excited to work with us which was amazing, and her energy made me way less nervous - it was our first couple's shoot period, and arguably the most important shoot I've done yet personally. Ellie's aesthetic somehow never fails to capture that minimalist beauty I'm so drawn to; I think I read every single blog post she ever posted on her site (see them all HERE). We wanted to capture that California magic somewhere on the coast, so she recommended we meet in Montana de Oro. We did two looks in two locations in Montana de Oro, and these are my favourites of part 1 of 2, a sort of rustic, woodsy vibe among these insanely gorgeous trees on the road to the coast.

The Look


For these photos, I wanted to keep a super natural look. I don't wear too much make-up or do anything too crazy with my hair normally, so I'm always too nervous to risk going too out-there, especially for photos that are super special to us. But just in case you're wondering, below are my go-to every day beauty products I know and love. 

What I Wore:

For our first location, I wanted to reflect the natural beauty of the location with a little bit of muted color. I've had my eye on this beautiful gown for so long now, and I finally had an occasion to order it! I love the dusty rose color and little touches like the open back, low V-cut neck, and thigh-high slit. You can find it in another color way HERE, or below. I also paired with my favourite pair of lace-up heels and some dainty silver jewelry like my favourite silver choker to go with the dusty rose color.

What Joey Wore:

Since I've known him, I think I've only ever seen Joey in either black, grey, blue, or a variety of sports jerseys - so I wanted him to stick to what he goes for! Joey's go-to shops are Marshalls and H&M (hey, it's all about balance between the two of us lol) but to be honest, if you're a minimalist guy too these places actually have some really great options. However I did pick this shirt up for him at a sample sale, though I think this muted blue complimented my gown perfectly. Shop his look below!

For our next part of the shoot, we're off to the beach! Part 2 / 2 coming to the blog soon! Stay tuned xo
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  1. Wonderful photo! You are so cute! Beautiful couple!

  2. You are a dream couple <3 Adorable pictures!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. So beautiful <3


  4. These photos are so dreamy! And Instagram is definitely the place to go when searching for that perfect engagement photographer. Who knew? ;)


  5. Wow these photos are gorgeous!! Love the dress you wore. I've never heard of Montana de Oro, but it definitely looks like a place I need to check out. Beautiful!

    xx freshfizzle

  6. These is so dreamy babe :( you too are great together! When you will get married?


  7. Nice post! Have a great new day.


  8. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!

  9. Have a happy Thursday!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  10. Love the soft glow to all the pics, very cool

  11. Anonymous1/06/2017

    Amazing, babe! Obsessed with your blog

  12. Love your dress and congratulations!

    Cathy with boho rings

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