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BHNV Feature: Spaces I Love

From a decor standpoint, I've always been fascinated with southwestern style with a mod twist. Which might be evident enough from the blog name I've chosen, but I digress. These images have me daydreaming of one day owning an imaginative space with rustic pieces and Navajo patterns juxtaposed with white walls.

I cannot wait to own and decorate with one of these beautiful pieces by SkullBliss. Right up my mod/southwest alley, I came across the incredible handcrafted artwork by indigenous artists from Bali. The art of carving or sculpting bones is an authentic Balinese tradition, and the heart and soul that goes into the craftsmanship of these pieces is extraordinary.

*home photos pulled from Pinterest. Images are not my own.

I love how detailed and intricate the carvings of the skulls are, giving them such a unique bohemian and rustic touch. Check out SkullBliss for beautiful carved skulls, and add one of these beautiful southwest pieces of art to your home! Which is your favourite?

2 comments on "BHNV Feature: Spaces I Love"
  1. Can you please build a house, fill it with all of the rooms you've posted here, and let me live with you?
    : signe :
    : the daily savant :

  2. This is all so beautiful!!! I want this in my houseeeee