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Total Burnout

Two words: velvet burnout. Since I was a little tyke, I've been infatuated with velvet. Velvet scrunchies, velvet shirts, velvet figure skating dresses, you name it - I had it! So the velvet re-incarnation movement of 2015 has my full blessing and attention.

If you haven't yet heard of For Love & Lemons, where have you been!? The coolest new kid on the fashion block has jet-set to one of my top favourite brands. Just ask mega-babe Payton from Hustle + Halycon, girlfriend is lucky enough to be interning for FLAL (ENVIOUS) in Los Angeles and knows what's up.

*photos by Jermaine Williams

So unfortunately this particular dress is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE (don't hurt me) BUT it's beautiful maxi-style sister, which I'm also in lust with, is still available HERE. Also, shout out to my insanely amazing boyfriend for gifting me this incredible limited edition Coach fringe bag from their Fall '14 collection. You seriously spoil me, I love you. Shop the rest of the look below!


For Love & Lemons Dusty Rose Dress (shop the maxi version HERE)

Coach Dakotah Bag (similar HERE and HERE)

Luv AJ Belt (similar HERE or HERE)

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  1. This is such a cute look! I love it!


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    1. Thank you Pili sweetheart! xo

  2. Love this modern bohemian look Meghan! :)