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Samaná, Dominican Republic

Hi hi hi! For the first time in forever! Please excuse my sporadic blogging habits for the past little while - it has been a consistent -20 degrees since the end of January which makes it literally painful to take any outfit shots outdoors.

Which is why (if you follow me on Instagram you probably realize) I was SO. HAPPY. to getaway last week to the Dominican Republic. My friends and I scored an amazing last minute deal to the Bahia Principe Resort in El Portillo in Samaná Province. Most Dominican-goers usually stick to the popular tourist destinations of Puerto Plata or Punta Cana, which is why I was so much more stoked to be headed to a more remote, untouched part of the island in Samaná.

Samaná Must Do #1: Ride Horseback to El Limon Falls

I definitely definitely recommend visiting El Limon Falls if you're staying in Samana province. Although you can probably get there a number of ways, we went horseback (which was super convenient as there are a number of hills and muddy or unstable grounds). 

Riding horses led by locals to get to the falls

Finally, after dismounting you have to hike down a steep path with what seems like 500 steps. But in the end, it leads to this:

Samaná Must Do #2: Visit Playa Rincón Beach
Arguably one of the top-ten rated beaches in the world, being the avid beach-lover I am I knew I had to visit. Playa Rincón did not disappoint! Off the beaten path, the beach boasts a 3km long stretch of white sand which somehow is virtually untouched by commercialism - the only thing you'll find are two tiny "restaurants" (thatched huts where locals cook you either the fresh catch of the day or, if you're timid chicken and fries) and a tiny coconut stand that serves the best piña coladas you'll ever find, coco locos or cold El Presidente beer. 

Keep walking right and you'll find Playa Rincón opens up around the bend to entirely different beach but with equally beautiful scenery - much rougher waters for swimmers, but breathtaking, nonetheless.

In short, it was a perfect week full of sunshine, neoprene bikinis, my trustee GoPro (and selfie stick I am NOT afraid to use) and way too much food. If you're looking into travelling to the Dominican Republic in search of a little more authenticity, hit up Samaná. Untouched beauty like it is becoming a rare find! Also check below for my Samaná essentials. xo

8 comments on "Samaná, Dominican Republic"
  1. I want this. All of this. SO JEALOUS!!

  2. Gorgeous photos, and that beach!

  3. Great photos. I'm sold! This place looks fabulous.

  4. Anonymous3/04/2015

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! Beautiful photos of a beautiful place! I've heard wonderful things about the Dominican Republic and hope to visit there sometime.

  5. This place looks amazing! I love your bikinis haha. Looks like you had an amazing time


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  6. How stunning! My husband is Dominican, and I keep bugging him to take me to the country where he was born...gonna have to add Samana to the list!!!

  7. Aww you look so happy babe, love the snaps.

    Hanh x | hanhabelle