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What's In My Bag - October Edition

For me, the fall brings a sense of rejuvenation. A “getting back on track” feeling, if you know what I mean. We’re back to the grind, now with Canadian Thanksgiving passed. And I’m as busy a bee as ever! Next stop: Christmas!

I love incorporating rich, fall colours into my wardrobe, from rich lipstick colours to pops of turquoise on my embroidered bag and scarf. Here’s a quick peek into my bag this season:

From top left clockwise:

Headphones, always. I create a new playlist almost every season. I love my October indie rock playlist right now! Super into new tunes by Vance Joy, Hozier, and (no surprise) Lana Del Rey. Plus, how chic are THESE!? Collapsible, and you can change the gold caps to various other colour options.

I’m obsessed with Hourglass Liquid Lipstick! If you’re looking for a matte lip stain to last, look no further. This rich colour is perfect for the fall season!

These custom business cards are great! I can’t tell you enough how many times I’ve been approached about my outfit and style and wished I had a blogger business card to give them. You can create your own, upload your own photos, and choose from various shapes and designs. Check Moo Business Cards out HERE!

The fluctuating cold/warm October weather doesn’t know what it’s doing right now in Toronto. It’s been harsh on my skin, so I like to keep a travel size of this amazing moisturizing lotion in my handbag. This cream by Fresh has a very light scent and absorbs quickly!

It’s beanie season! I love all the fun prints out this year. Not so secretly a Free People addict, this leopard-printed beanie is a favourite this fall, though I also love it in plaid… guess I’ll need to get all three!

With the fall being so insanely busy, I NEED to keep organized. While my iPhone is great and all, there’s something about physically writing something down that just sticks with me better. Also, it’s sometimes just good to doodle and be creative on a blank piece of paper, ya know? This embossed leather journal from Anthropologie is super cute and vintage-looking.

Let’s hear it for BLANKET SCARVES! I will never go with a baby handkerchief again now that oversized is in style. Especially for fall, anything that can double as an extra fuzzy layer has my heart. The pops of bright colours and tribal design on this super cozy scarf from UO is my go-to.

Embroidered tote, yes please. Something about this bag screams “world traveler”. The embroidered tapestry accent down the center really makes this bag stand out against the crowd, and I love the bohemian feel to it.

What’s in your bag this October? Let me know your picks!

15 comments on "What's In My Bag - October Edition"
  1. Oooh I'm a fan of frends headphones too, and love the tote... heading to South America early next year and have big plans for shoping gorgeous woven & leather goods, you've got me even more excited now!

    Sah xx

    1. Amazing, I cannot wait to read your posts from South America! The tote is part of the so-called "world traveller" collection and it totally fits. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I've never heard of Frends nor ever seen them in a store. Are they available at retail?

    1. Hey Scott! Not too sure where you're located, but I've seen them in Canada at Chapters. However online they are sold at Apple and Amazon!

  3. I'm still deciding if I should get the Frends headphone! I love the rose gold version - is the sound quality good?! (total geek here!)

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    1. Hey Hanh! To be totally honest, they're a super cute accessory and work decently well, but if you're looking for amazing sound I'd go with Bose (which I use on the reg). Just for casual listening these are perfectly fine though and definitely love the rose gold on white style, though it might get dirty easier.

  4. Those headphones and leather journal are fab!

  5. I am so obsessed with leopard print right now! Loveeee that touque! :)


    - Robyn

  6. Such great colors and patterns, looks really funky :)

    And god, that journal is so cool. Love the look of it. Unfortunately I cannot for the life in me keep a physical journal, but this would be so great to give away I reckon!

  7. What a gorgeous bag, first of all. But that lippie, to die for!

  8. I love leopard so that hat is just adorb.

  9. Love your blog! I just got my blog business cards in the mail too and I'm SO excited about them :) Following you on social media to stay in touch! :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  10. I love the Moo blogger business cards! I need to get on top of designing and having some printed. My favorite is the glam headphones, though.

  11. Moo makes the best cards! Love the vibes of your bag contents, that beanie is so dope!

    Pretty in Python

  12. The headphones are just too stunning! Love!!! <3

    Brooklynn | That Brooklynn Paige