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One Love - Thailand

Hi friends!

It's only been 18 days since I took off to Thailand for my yoga retreat with One Love Yoga, but it honestly feels like it's been a month. The difference in culture opened my eyes up to a whole other world I had no clue existed, and it's official: I now definitely, definitely have the world travel bug. 

Haad Yuan beach yoga

We started our retreat in Bangkok, and stayed in a hostel off the infamous Khao San Road. Filled with shops, restaurants and street vendors, Khao San is a backpacker's dream. You can find everything from handcrafts, jewelry, fried insects, pirated DVD's and knock-off Ray Bans by the thousands.

Khao San Road, Bangkok

Wat Chana Songkram temple

From Bangkok, we hopped on an overnight train and headed down south, island-bound to Surat Thani. A definite 13-hour long experience with the "bathroom" of my nightmares... should you ever hop on this night train, just remember to bring your own toilet paper.

Night train bunks headed south to Surat Thani station

At the ferry port. Ocean, finally!

After planes and night trains, taxis and ferry rides, we FINALLY arrived in Koh Phangan. Crystal blue water and hot sun felt like heaven.

Haad Rin beach, Koh Phangan

Our bungalow accommodations on Haad Yuan beach, Koh Phangan

Bungalow views, can't complain

Hike up to Blooming Lotus yoga studio in the jungle

Yoga fun

Beautiful view at Ocean Rock restaurant, Haad Yuan

GoPro selfie. Between yoga classes, an ocean dip is just the best

My favourite resto on Haad Yuan beach. Amazing fresh fruit shakes and Thai dishes!

Delicious Thai food from The Sanctuary Resort

Beach frolicking with Pam

Beautiful yoga studio

The One Love crew!

To get back and forth from Haad Rin to Haad Yuan beach on Koh Phangan, we had to hop in one of these longboats. Basically, a guy with a propeller on a stick got us where we needed to go.

Back to Haad Rin beach, Koh Phangan

So we decided to spoil ourselves and booked a room at the Best Western Phanganburi Resort in Haad Rin for two nights. It's a beautiful resort about a 10-15 minute walk away from the hustle, bustle and partygoers "downtown" Haad Rin.

Best Western Phanganburi Resort, Haad Rin

Our first night in Haad Rin, we decided to go to the half moon party. Unlike the wild full moon party on Haad Rin beach, the half moon party is located up in the jungle. The party starts late and continues through the night until around 7AM. Nuts!

Glow in the dark body paint, half moon party

Endless food tables at half moon

After our yoga retreat ended, Pam and I headed over to breathtaking Koh Phi Phi for a few days. Definitely more tourist-y than Koh Phangan, Koh Phi Phi was party central at night, but still so beautiful.

Sunset at Koh Phi Phi lookout

On our second day in Koh Phi Phi, we decided to take a boat tour over to Maya Bay, Maya Beach (where The Beach movie was filmed), and Monkey Beach. This was my absolute favourite day on my whole trip (despite getting slapped by a wild monkey who tried to go through my purse looking for food... ha). 

Maya Beach (where The Beach was filmed)

So if you can't tell already, I had the absolute best time. I've been home for just over a day and I'm already starting a plan on how to head back to Thailand ASAP. Our trip was filled with hilarious memories with everything from a gecko that kept us up every night, a painful Thai massage experience, Muay Thai boxing in Koh Phi Phi, monkeys opening and downing Coca Cola, a scary motorcycle taxi ride through Haad Rin at 4AM, and a terrifying ping pong show experience in Phuket (details too explicit to discuss). Overall, amazing.

Note: please excuse the photo overload, I've taken over 600 and cutting them down to this post was a huge task  :)

Also, if you're an avid yogi interested in similar yoga retreat-type trips, be sure to check out One Love Yoga. Such an amazing experience - hope on their next retreat to Nicaragua or Thailand!



21 comments on "One Love - Thailand"
  1. absolutely beautiful meghan! in love with all the imagery and scenery :)

    hanh x

    1. Thanks so much Hanh! I fell in love with it too, cannot wait to go back :)

  2. Anonymous3/07/2014

    Nice post & Beautiful pics Meghan. It was lovely to meet both you & Pam. Maybe we will see you in Thailand again? xoxo Phyllis

  3. Anonymous3/07/2014

    Nice post & Beautiful pics Meghan. It was lovely to meet both you & Pam. Maybe we will see you in Thailand again? xoxo Phyllis

    1. Thanks so much Phyllis, it was lovely to meet you too - have you say you brightened our 6 A.M. mornings with your beaming smile every day! And yes absolutely, either in Thailand or Vancouver, whichever comes first :)


  4. Really gorgeous photos :) definitely makes me want to go there!


    1. Thanks so much Karen! You definitely have to make a trip out there - it's unreal!

  5. Great to see you enjoyed your trip! I was just in Phuket recently & had a great time, and we managed to survive a week of driving around on a scooter!

    totally know what you mean about photo overload! between my phone, camera & go-pro I managed to take over 500 photos in a singe week!

    check out photos of my trip here...

    1. Thank you so much! I loved all your photos from Phuket - what an incredible country, I cannot wait to go again.

  6. Oh gosh, these are amazing! Going to Thailand and riding an elephant (really) is on my bucket list! Your yoga pictures are insane! Woot, go girl! Loved living vicariously through your pics!
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    1. Thanks Sig! I didn't even have time to visit the elephant sanctuary this trip :( :( which only means I have to go again asap!

  7. STOP IT. I am insanely envious of your life! Gorgeous pictures... take me with you next time?! I can probably-maybe fit in your suitcase.

    Diary of a Debutante

    1. Haha I'll absolutely bring you with next time! Clothes are SO. CHEAP. and surprisingly really good quality! It's my personal heaven.

  8. OH WOW! This looks A-Mazing. I could use a yoga retreat. You have no idea :O

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Thanks Allie - it was incredible! I've read about some amazing yoga retreats in the U.S. too which I'm definitely going to look into.

  9. Oh my goodness! That looks like such an incredible trip! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Nice picturess


  10. Great photos. Would love to visit Thailand one day :)

  11. Wow, what an amazing trip!!

  12. WOW!! This looks sooo amazing!! You must have had the best time and I love love love your floral head piece for the half moon party. So fun! You didn't by chance stay at the Dancing Elephant? Long shot but thought I'd ask as the owner is insane and awesome!! haha xx
    PS I am checking out the Nicaragua retreat!

    1. Thanks Casey! We got the floral head pieces there and they were all glow in the dark, too cool! :) No we didn't stay at the Dancing Elephant we actually stayed a beach over in Haad Yuan bungalows, but next time I'll be sure to look up the Dancing Elephant! :)

      And AMAZING, I heard Nicaragua is an incredible trip. Plus Reno and SJ are unbelievable yogi instructors, so inspired after 2 weeks with them!

  13. Wow this looks amazing!! Awesome pics