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The Toronto Brunch Hunt

First and foremost, happy Monday to you all!

I've set out on a new endeavour: to find Toronto's best brunch spots. Never having been much of a breakfast eater, brunch is a whole other story. Give me some lunch-food options and I'm all for it! So far on this mission, I've found three café's I absolutely love and can't wait to get back.

1) The Drake Hotel Café

When I think hipster café, I imagine the Drake café. A small but cozy spot, the café has small side-by-side tables, their chandeliers are made from recycled bicycle frames, and I swear everyone is wearing beanies and wide-rimmed glasses. But besides the point, the brunch is just unreal.

Two words. Actually, 4 words. Blueberry scones, chicken & waffles. Let's start with the scones. They're served warm with a side of butter, fresh berries, berry jam, and clotted cream. I can't tell you how good these are, make sure you don't miss these!

Also not to be missed is their take on Southern fried chicken & waffles. Okay YUM. I know what you're probably thinking, chicken & waffles is a weird combo no? But the waffles aren't your typical sweet-batter breakfast waffles. Made with herbs, it tastes more similar to a crispy garlic bread. Also served with maple syrup, crème fraîche + Niagara cherry jam. The chicken is about as perfect as fried chicken gets. Officially hungry!

Another cozy spot by the lake, the Music Garden Café is a cute place for a quick meal or take-out coffee and pastries, but they also have really great sandwiches, panini's and soups. My absolute favourite? Their pear, brie, and prosciutto panini.

This sandwich very highly ranked on being one of the best panini's I've ever had. Usually comes wide a side salad or potato salad, as well as a sweet and slightly spicy side of sauce for your meal. So good.

Last but certainly not least is a restaurant I just discovered yesterday. The Good Fork is my favourite brunch place of the three so far. I had their "Gordy Benny", which is their creation of eggs benedict with pulled pork. Just unreal, everything was amazing from their home fries to the pulled pork sweetness. 

My sister and I shared a side of their red velvet pancakes which come with maple syrup and a cream cheese frosting. Dessert for breakfast? Yes please! My sister had their mac n' cheese with smoked chicken, I obviously had to try it. They topped it with baked cheese that was slightly crispy. I was amazed how good gourmet mac n' cheese can actually taste!

Anyways these three are my top brunch places in Toronto to check out so far. I will continue on my hunt and keep you posted!


1 comment on "The Toronto Brunch Hunt"
  1. This post made me so hungry, but in a good way!
    The red velvet pancakes look DELICIOUS.

    xo Vanee